Netflix eyes boxing reality series with chief executive of Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom Boxing

The producer behind the immensely popular F1 series ‘Drive To Survive’ is reportedly in talks with Netflix to bring forth an exclusive behind-the-scenes boxing show.

Frank Smith is the CEO of Eddie Hearn’s promotion Matchroom Boxing. He is said to be the star on the program.

The ambitious pitch is being earnestly considered by Netflix. The pitch was made by Box to Box, the production company that has already rolled out five seasons of Drive To Survive.

The series was instrumental in catapulting Formula 1’s popularity since its inception in 2019. That’s according to Smith, who was recently interviewed by The Guardian.

While Eddie Hearn rightfully commands the spotlight, it’s imperative to recognize Frank Smith’s pivotal role in the promotion. His journey began at the age of 14, as he embarked on a work experience.

Smith modestly refers to himself as the ‘realist’ complementing Hearn’s visionary concepts. He’s the driving force behind the execution of projects and strategies that define the sport. Over the years, he’s been instrumental in promoting countless boxers.

Drive To Survive has undeniably revolutionized the world of Formula 1, exponentially amplifying viewership and sponsorship. A foray into the realm of boxing promises a similar impact.

In a candid statement to The Guardian, Smith sheds light on the unique challenges posed by the boxing industry. He emphasized, “Boxing is the toughest business to plan and budget for. Someone pulls out injured […] it’s a swing from making money to losing money.”

“Every other sport we’re involved in […] if a player pulls out, the tournament goes ahead. The World Darts Championships sells 90,000 tickets in a few hours, eight months in advance, and you don’t know who’s playing. With boxing, it’s near impossible.”

“But we’re working with [streaming service] DAZN, with their subscription mechanics, looking at trying to announce five or six months in advance, which we never would have done in the past.”