Nelk Boys were once set to sponsor a UFC athlete – but now he’s struggling to get in touch with them

Last February, Isaac Dulgarian was given a contract with the UFC. He was also offered the opportunity to be Full Send sponsored.

UFC and the Nelk Boys teamed up together at FAC 12, which functioned as a Dana White Lookin’ For A Fight episode.

They looked to sponsor an athlete and get them into the UFC.

Dulgarian won by first-round knockout and was given the offer. More than a year later, a match has still not materialized for a number of reasons.

Dulgarian remarked on Just Scrap Radio on

“I won the Nelk Boys sponsorship but we are still delegating what is going on with that. I was told it would be taken care of before my fight.”

“Just trying to get in contact with them and making sure our schedules match is hard because they are very busy and I’m out here training. I’m hoping we get something figured out before my fight or right after.”

Isaac Dulgarian was scheduled to make his debut at UFC Vegas 67. However, he withdrew due to an injury. Dulgarian hopes the contract materialises soon. The 26-year-old is aware of how important it would be for his career to have the Nelk Boys’ support.

Dulgarian responded,

“Oh yeah, I think it is a great opportunity for me as a young athlete coming up I could use some backing and support from them. It would help get my name out there even more… I think it would help my career skyrocket.”

“I’ve been competing in combat sports for like 18 years now, so I’m hoping something finally pays off. I’ve been competing since I’ve been eight-years-old and I’m finally excited to make some money and do what I love to do and I hope they can help me do that.”