Navy Seal and BJJ Black belt Jocko Willink: A female arm wrestler could beat me

In a recent in-depth interview, retired Navy SEAL commander Jocko Willink shared insights into his intense daily fitness routine. When asked about arm wrestling, Willink revealed that it involves much more skill and technique than most people realize.

He explained: “There’s a lot more technique in arm wrestling than you know, than most people recognize. There’s all these little games that are going on. There’s all this little arm position that you get.”

Willink went on to emphasize that brute strength alone does not determine the winner in arm wrestling. Proper positioning and leverage are critical.

He continued: “So just like everything else, it’s technique. There’s a lot of technique in arm wrestling.”

In fact, Willink claimed that a skilled female arm wrestler could potentially beat him despite being physically weaker.

He statedL “There is legitimate technique in arm wrestling… if we could bring a female arm wrestler in here, that knows how to arm wrestle, because I don’t know how to arm wrestle either, and she would beat both of us.”

This highlights that arm wrestling is a nuanced sport requiring mastery of proper form. Willink admitted his own lack of technical proficiency despite being extremely strong from his intense training as a Navy SEAL and fitness enthusiast. He believes a knowledgeable female arm wrestler could leverage positioning and technique to overcome his superior strength.

As Willink noted, many people wrongly assume arm wrestling is just a raw test of power. But like martial arts or other sports, proper technique is critical to winning. Arm wrestling requires skillfully applying biomechanical principles of leverage and angles. A weaker opponent can absolutely defeat a stronger one with enough practice and expertise in proper form.