Nate Diaz publicly pleads to be released from UFC contract

UFC star Nate Diaz has had enough and repeatedly asked the UFC to release him. He claimed that the UFC has failed to get him an opponent. Diaz has long been rumored to be on the last leg of his contract – which is why the UFC is reluctant to book him prior to him extending his contract. In the past this lead to a standstill in Vincente Luque negotiations. Luque ultimately moved on from the match up.

The 36-year-old Stockton native hasn’t been booked on a UFC card since June of last year. The welterweight star has repeatedly attempted to matchmake for himself. Following the Luque rumors, there were public talks with Dustin Poirier and even a back and forth with Conor McGregor.

Diaz has been trying to provoke a reaction from the brass. Just last week he claimed he was going over to Bellator.

Yesterday, Nate Diaz took to his Twitter account to ask the UFC to release him because he – just like everyone else – needs money. In the tweet, he tagged the UFC official account,UFC president Dana White and a random person named Hunter – in an attempt to reach the person believed to be running the show behind the scenes at UFC – CBO Hunter Campbell.

“I Would like to request to be released from the [UFC] [Dana White]. I apologize for asking online but you don’t give me a fight ASAP I got sh*t to do.” Nate Diaz wrote.

And to make sure his pleas would be heard, he did the same on instagram.

Dana White alongside UFC Chief Business officer and lawyer Hunter Campbell

Previously, Diaz poked at the UFC by tweeting his intention to  sign with Bellator MMA. Diaz said he and his training partner Yancy Medeiros will also compete in said event.

“I’m tryin get on this [Bellator MMA] card in April wit my boy [Yancy Medeiros] in Hawaii. Wassup wit [Bellator MMA].” Nate Diaz wrote.

Nate Diaz has verbally agreed to face former lightweight contender Dustin Poirier and vice versa. Unfortunately, up until now, the UFC hasn’t offered a contract. The two were scheduled to face each other back in 2018 but the booking was subsequently canceled.

“We’re still working on [the Diaz-Poirier] fight. That fight’s not done yet. I wouldn’t count out a Conor-Nate 3. Listen, I’d be shocked if that fight didn’t happen again.” Dana White said during an interview with TMZ Sports earlier this year.