Nate Diaz goes off Logan Paul after he’s allowed to curse out Fury during main event intermission

Last night saw the conclusion of Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury beef, and Nate Diaz was not pleased with how things turned out. Some even speculate that Diaz had the most to lose with youtuber losing an 0 on his record.

The cruiserweight bout between Fury and Paul lasted eight rounds before the judges decided on the winner. The judges gave Tommy a split decision win. This was Paul’s first defeat in his professional career.

Aside from the actual match and its outcome, Logan Paul garnered a lot of attention for his mid-bout shenanigans.

MMA icon and former UFC welterweight Nate Diaz attacked Logan Paul on Twitter for his behavior during the bout. Logan Paul’s mocking of the Fury family while the match was still in progress did not sit well with Nate Diaz.

Nate Diaz recently tweeted his thoughts on Logan Paul’s behavior during Paul vs. Fury.

Logan Paul tried to get inside the head of Fury between the third and fourth rounds with an explicit rant.

He said: “Tommy Fury if you can hear me, you’re a b***h, you’re gassing out.”

Broadcasters BT Sport were forced to issue a swift apology for Logan’s rant.

In a mid-broadcast banner, they wrote: “We apologize for any offence caused by the bad language.”

If Jake Paul had defeated Tommy Fury, Nate Diaz would have been his likely next opponent. After his unexpected loss to Fury, those discussions have put to a halt.

Jake Paul had a rematch clause in the contract with Tommy Fury. It seems that the 26-year-old will try to exercise the clause. It should not come as a surprise that Paul wants the rematch since it was his first defeat in his boxing career.

In the press conference after the match, Paul stated: “I’m gonna go back for this rematch, I just talked to Tommy in the medical room and he’s like let’s go, let’s do it again. He’s down for it, so I think that’ll be the focus first and foremost.”