Muhammad Ali’s grandson declined Jake Paul’s MMA offer

Muhammad Ali’s grandson Biaggio Ali Walsh isn’t holding his breath for an apology from Jake Paul. The latter recently publicly challenged him to a match within the PFL cage.

Jake Paul has already traded his YouTube stardom for a career in the boxing ring. His unique appeal lies in his willingness to take on MMA stars and emerge victorious in high-stakes boxing match.

With a recent move to the PFL, he extended a call for a series of diverse matches against brothers Biaggio and Nico Ali Walsh.

Paul’s first proposition involved a cage encounter with Biaggio Ali Walsh, followed by a bout against the undefeated Nico in the boxing ring. But this proposition hit a snag due to significant differences in weight categories, as well as the Ali Walsh brothers’ lack of enthusiasm for competing against Jake Paul.

Speaking exclusively in an interview, Biaggio Ali Walsh expressed his lack of anticipation for an apology from Jake Paul. He humorously remarked, “I don’t think he’d come out and apologize. That doesn’t sound like him. It doesn’t make sense to me, I fight at 155lb because most guys in this division walk around at the weight I walk around at, Jake’s is a lot heavier – probably over 200 I’d assume.”

Ali Walsh emphasized that Paul’s larger physique and unique persona set him apart. He acknowledged Paul’s prowess in advertising and marketing, recognizing the attention Paul draws.

But Ali Walsh underscored the logical inconsistencies in the proposed matchup. He said: “He’s a big dude and Jake Paul is Jake Paul. He’s super good at advertising and marketing, he draws a lot of eyes but that to me is a fight that doesn’t make sense. Even if I were to go up in weight I would be slower, so I don’t think it’s a fight that makes any type of sense.”

“But I respect what he’s doing and both he and his brother Logan; the Paul brothers, are geniuses when it comes to marketing so that’s inspiring too because I’m trying to help market myself as well.”

Nico Ali Walsh has a career-high weight of 162.5 lb, significantly less than Paul’s lowest weight of 183.75 lb. He promptly rebuffed the offer, citing his own ambitions in the boxing world.

He responded: “That’s funny… I have been asked that a few times. I would say that for me personally, right now, that’s not something I’d be interested in now.”

Nico expressed his dedication to establishing his own legacy in boxing and preserving his grandfather’s heritage. He voiced his hesitation towards being categorized as a certain type of boxer.

“I want to make a career for myself, I want to continue my grandfather’s legacy in boxing and carve my own path as well. I feel like, no disrespect to him but once you fight someone in that category you often get categorized as that type of fighter.”

“I have a hard time as it is proving myself as a real boxer and I haven’t fought a YouTuber or anything like that so I want to stick with fighting the boxers and getting to the top.”