Mokaev vows to manhandle Israeli UFC star who made distasteful comments about war

Israeli mixed martial artist Oron Kahlon has received a severe warning from rising UFC flyweight contender Muhammad Mokaev.

In the midst of the current Israel-Palestine conflict, Kahlon made negative remarks about the people of Gaza on social media by expressing hostility and insensitivity.

Kahlon posted an offensive message on his account, wishing the people of Gaza great suffering and demise. During a crucial period when the area is dealing with a humanitarian crisis highlighted by casualties and hostage situations, this very callous remark was not taken well.

Kahlon wrote: “I wish death in severe agony for everyone living in Gaza from the youngest baby to the old man son of a b*tch! Revenge is on the way!!”

The current war between Gaza and Israel has been a burning issue now. According to reports, Hamas launched an unprecedented attack that set off the crisis. This resulted in a heavy death toll and a grave humanitarian disaster in Gaza.

The crisis is being widely watched by the world community, and Kahlon’s tweet has further heightened the tension.

Evidently offended by Kahlon’s remarks, Mokaev turned to social media. The British-born combatant vowed to ruin Kahlon’s face.

Mokaev wrote: “UFC please give me this guy, this isn’t my division but I don’t care I’ll turn up and smash his face.”

Kahlon is a lightweight combatant who lost to Javid Basharat by submission at Dana White’s Contender Series in 2021. This prevented him from earning a contract with the UFC.

Mokaev previously expressed his wish that Palestine win the unfortunate confrontation. He tweeted: “These filthy animals killing children everyday I swear I can’t remember when I cried last time but seeing what’s happening in Palestine with kids right now! May Allah destroy them!”

Innocent people have been affected in the conflict between Israel and Palestine, as shown by the images and videos that are often shared on social media. Mokaev tweeted that he wishes that the United Kingdom would take in Palestinian refugees, particularly women and children.

“I hope the U.K. government will accept refugees from Palestine there’s a lot of children and women left on the streets without their families, homes and food! You have enough power to stop this genocide and war. U.K. always has been known as the best country in the world for free speech, human rights and equality. Let’s pray for peace and a ceasefire in order to stop this humanitarian crises.”