MMA veteran Diego Braga, father of PFL star, killed while trying to retrieve stolen Motorcycle in Brazil

In a heartbreaking incident that unfolded in Rio de Janeiro on Monday, former MMA combatant Diego Braga met an untimely demise. He is also the current coach of PFL competitor Gabriel Braga.

PFL shared a condolence message regarding the incident across their social media platforms.

Diego Braga took to social media on Monday morning to reveal that his motorcycle had been stolen from his garage the night before. Determined to recover his possession, Braga ventured into a favela. However, he ended up tragically losing his life. Witnesses recount that he was mistaken for a rival militia member by individuals associated with the Comando Vermelho.


Diego Braga had a distinguished 11-year career as a professional MMA combatant. During his run, he faced formidable opponents such as Charles Oliveira and Adriano Martins.

Charles Oliveira, Anderson Silva, Patricio Pitbull, among the many Brazilian MMA legends posting tributes to Diego.

Transitioning into coaching later in his career, Diego assumed the role of the head coach for the Tropa Thai Team. He mentored his son Gabriel, currently a prominent figure in the PFL. Additionally, Braga played a crucial role in MMA legend Anderson Silva’s team during the latter part of the middleweight’s career.

Diego Braga’s journey in the MMA arena was marked by resilience and skill. His encounters with renowned combatants showcased his dedication to the sport, earning him respect among peers and fans alike.

As of the time of this report, no official announcements regarding arrests related to the incident have been released. Understandably distraught by the loss of his father, Gabriel Braga has yet to issue a statement.

On Gabriel Braga’s Instagram, a post from March 2022 pays tribute to his father. This captures the bond between the coach and his son.

In this time of sorrow, the MMA community mourns the loss of Diego Braga—a figure whose impact stretched beyond the confines of the octagon.