MMA star kills mother and child in horror car theft

An alleged murder of a five-year-old child and her mother has led to the arrest of a former mixed martial arts competitor.

Farkhod Rahimzoda is charged with killing the child by strangling her and stabbing her mother in order to steal their brand-new car.

Rahimzoda crossed paths with 39-year-old mother Olga Yaroslavtseva and her young daughter. He befriended them as she had recently relocated from Kazakstan to Novosibirsk. Little did they know this meeting would lead to a tragic end.

Olga shared her plans to purchase a new car worth RUB 1.5 million (£13,000) from the proceeds of selling her late grandmother’s home. After a string of losses in local competitions, Rahimzoda had turned to working as a taxi driver in the area.

Rahimzoda maintained contact with Olga until she made the purchase. Alarming concerns arose when friends couldn’t reach her after January 20, prompting them to contact the authorities.

Upon calling her phone, Rahimzoda’s chilling response was, “The girls are sleeping, I won’t wake them up.” Subsequent attempts to contact Olga proved futile as the victim’s phone remained inaccessible a few hours later.

The grim reality surfaced when Olga’s lifeless body was discovered on a motorway, with her daughter’s remains buried under the snow nearby. Law enforcement believes Rahimzoda strangled the young girl and fatally stabbed her mother.

According to law enforcement: “The child was found on the outskirts of the city, between the Khiloksky market and the village of Tolmachevo. The girl’s body was in the snow, they searched for it purposefully there, but because of the snow and the same type of terrain, it took a lot of time.”

On January 27, Rahimzoda was arrested at the Kazakhstan-Uzbekistan border. Following questioning, he was taken into custody.

Rahimzoda’s MMA career was marked by disappointment, with only four wins and six losses. He stands at 5’8″ and is currently ranked 593rd in Russia’s MMA Featherweight Fighter tables