MMA pro Dwayne Herelle arrested for murdering his girlfriend

Dwayne Herelle, an MMA pro with a record of 0-2 has been detained for the murder of his girlfriend.

Herelle recently engaged in a confrontation with Irene Torres, as per Fox News. Police records state that on Sunday, January 29, the 28-year-old arrived at Torres’ home in Nashville at about 1:30 am. The two had an altercation for an unspecified cause. Herelle then fatally stabbed his girlfriend which led to her death.

According to Torres’ parents, Herelle had previously assaulted their daughter physically. So when they saw the 24-year-old lady being pulled by Herelle on surveillance tape, they were concerned. When the police came, the MMA pro made a false claim that he hadn’t seen his girlfriend since the previous Friday.

Torres’ father decided to take things into his own hands and addressed Herelle directly. The 28-year-old admitted to killing his partner with a knife. Later, Torres’ corpse was discovered in Herelle’s closet wrapped in a comforter. After being charged with criminal homicide, the man has since been held in the Davidson County Detention Center.

When WKRN News 2 questioned MMA coach Chris Beasley about the incident, he described his former student’s mentality. He also expressed his disbelief that Herelle would commit such a crime. He said the following:

“It blows my mind because I never ever would expect anything like this from Dwayne. He was such a nice person. He would always go out of his way to help people… You got two different faces – you’ve got your face that you show everyone and you’ve got your face that you keep private. It’s amazing how people can look you in your eyes, be a nice person, and then turn around and be something else.”

Herelle last competed as a lightweight  in August 2018. His career got off to a good start as he won both of his amateur bouts. On a professional level, the 28-year-old struggled to achieve the same success, losing both of his bouts.