MMA legend Mirko Cro Cop admits he cries watching Rambo

Mirko ‘Cro Cop’ Filipovic is a retired Croatian MMA competitor and former kickboxer. He is considered as a heavyweight legend who competed in the octagon. Filipovic has had a profound impact on the world of Mixed Martial Arts, and is celebrated for his remarkable striking abilities and unforgettable performances within the ring.

In a candid moment during an interview during his active MMA days, Filipovic revealed a surprising facet of his personality. The reporter asked him whether he usually ended up crying while watching movies in his free time. In answer, Filipovic expressed his surprise. He acknowledged that he did, and said that he had shed a tear or two while seeing the classic action film ‘Rambo: First Blood’.

Filipovic expressed: “I hate mistreatment. Peace, freedom, and democracy for all. I would like to meet that sheriff who put Rambo in jail; he wouldn’t be a thug then for a long time.”

Reflecting on ‘Rambo: First Blood,’ he shared how the character’s unjust arrest stirred deep emotions within him. Rambo’s detention and mistreatment in the film brought up painful memories of his time serving in the Vietnam War.

While former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub may not boast the most stellar MMA career, he has made a name for himself as a comedian and podcast presenter. In addition, he has worked with with UFC analyst Joe Rogan on many occasions.

Rogan said in an interview that Schaub has a past of being addicted to painkillers. This started after he suffered a broken nose during an MMA match against Filipovic.

Schaub had to have surgery to correct his nose as a result, and was given painkillers prior to the operation. But as Rogan claims, this caused Scahub to become dependent on painkillers even after the operation. Later, Schaub’s friends were crucial in supporting him in getting out of this addiction.