MMA legend Mark Hunt blows his fuse, blasts UFC, calls Jon Jones PED abusing rat

Mark Hunt has utterly criticized Jon Jones ahead of his comeback to the octagon.

The MMA veteran also attacked the UFC for supporting Jones, declaring that they would “never be credible” in his eyes.

Hunt has had ongoing problems with the UFC for a very long time. Back in 2017, Hunt filed a lawsuit against the promotion. He alleged that the UFC was aware that Brock Lesnar would test positive before their match at UFC 200. Since then, Hunt has used every opportunity to criticize the UFC.

However, his most recent remarks concern one of UFC’s greats. As we all know, Jones has a history of testing positive for PEDs.

Hunt posted on Facebook saying:

Many fans voiced their opinions in the comment section, supporting Hunt. Some of their comments were as follows:


“Respect to you Hunt, you are a legend of the sport and I remember watching you in the K1 and Pride days.”

“Never been a fan of Jones but I’m big fan of you Mark “Super Samoan” Hunt.”

However, others weren’t quite convinced by Hunt’s assertions. Some of their comments were as follows:

“Salty AF… K1 & Pride had juice users when you were competing but never heard you call out those promoters in the past, Mark… Juice or no juice, Jon is a better than you.”