MMA legend cautions Fedor Emelianenko to bow out of Mike Tyson challenge

Renowned Russian MMA heavyweight veteran Fedor Emelianenko’s plans to step into the boxing ring against former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson have faced criticism from unexpected quarters.

Jeff Monson has advised Emelianenko to abandon his ambitions for a boxing match with Tyson and focus on other pursuits.

Emelianenko, aged 46, expressed his interest in a boxing match against Mike Tyson in a recent interview with MMAHour. The MMA legend, with a remarkable MMA record of 40 wins (16 by KO/TKO; 15 by submission; 9 by decision) and seven defeats (6 by KO/TKO; 1 by submission), sparked speculation about a potential crossover bout.

Jeff Monson, known as “The Snowman,” shared his perspective on Emelianenko’s proposed venture.

“I believe that Fedor should refrain from making a comeback return to the ring by fighting against Mike Tyson,” Monson said. “He needs to preserve his legacy; he is an outstanding athlete and champion.”

“I think it would be much better if he focused on coaching children and directed his energy toward serving the well-being of the Russian people. But, he should not be attempting a comeback in the world of sports,” Monson added.

Emelianenko, often referred to as “The Last Emperor,” has had a storied career in MMA. After a temporary retirement between 2012 and 2015, he made a comeback and secured victories against various opponents, including a KO win over Timothy Johnson in September 2022.

Throughout his career, Emelianenko amassed numerous titles, including the MMA Pride FC Heavyweight Champion (2003-2007), FIAS World Combat Sambo Championship Heavyweight Champion (2002, 2005, 2007), and accolades in the Russian Judo Federation National Championship. He was also named “the top MMA fighter of the decade” by Sports Illustrated in 2009.

It’s unclear if there’s a real possibility that this cross over happens but Tyson did express interest in maybe being featured on the card, after all he is coaching Ngannou.

 Speaking to, Tyson said: “I don’t know … I’m just chilling out. I did that [fight with Jones], I wanted to do that. People in Saudi Arabia they want me to do this stuff too … I could be persuaded [to return to the ring] … “