MMA Guru emerges dwarfing UFC welterweigh Dricus du Plessis in viral pics

The MMA Guru stands as an iconic figure among the combat sports community, known for his content creation. Initially gaining prominence on YouTube, his brutally honest take on all things related to MMA coupled with his unique dark humor, swiftly captured the attention of MMA enthusiasts.

For an extensive period, the MMA Guru endured relentless scrutiny from fans regarding their misinformed perceptions of his physical appearance. Fans thought that he was overweight and out of shape.

However, recent photos provided a striking revelation that dispeled these misguided notions. The popular YouTuber took to X, sharing two images of himself that sparked a major discourse online.

The images show MMA Guru alongside UFC middleweight title challenger Dricus du Plessis. What stood out remarkably in these photos were the MMA Guru’s towering height and impressive physique.

MMA guru is reportedly about 6’3″.

Contrary to expectations, MMA Guru appeared notably leaner and more muscular than anticipated. He towered over Dricus du Plessis, who stands at 6 feet tall. This caused a huge stir within the MMA online community, leaving fans visibly surprised.

Community commonly thought MMA Guru was obese refering to him as fat ‘wa**er’ with a beard

Numerous fans took to social media to express their disbelief and amusement. Some of the comments are as follows:

“Now his whole “I’d mog bisping standing next to him” has significant value”

“Not how I imagined you”

“404 Fat MMA GURU not found. Dude! You need a proper studio with a normal camera angle.”

“Park porter is getting the trt treatment”

Ian Garry has been deeply involved in a controversy recently surrounding his marriage to Layla Machado Garry. The notable age gap of 14 years between them with Layla being 40 and Ian 26, has fueled headlines. Notably, the MMA Guru delved into this topic extensively across multiple YouTube videos.

He emphasized that Layla Machado Garry’s ex-husband Richard Cullen was brought on as Ian Garry’s dietician. He also claimed that Cullen resided with the couple.

Additionally, he brought to light Layla Machado Garry’s book ‘How to be a WAG’. It was an 11-page guide allegedly instructing individuals on seducing young athletes.