MMA fighter sparks brawl by taunting rival with live sheep at face-off

The latest strange incident in Russian MMA included Vadim Vadimych taunting Israpil Ramazanov by handing him a sheep during their press conference.

At a recent press conference for the MMA promotion “Our Business,” a ludicrous interaction took place.

Before its events, they usually put on press conferences with fans in attendance. The athletes on the cards frequently engage in physical altercations before even entering the cage.

In the video, Vadimych exits the stage and reappears with a sheep wearing a veil. He puts the animal in front of Ramazanov.

The audience found humor in the scenario as the sheep roamed about making noise. However, Ramazanov was not amused as he moved toward Vadimych and attempted to smack him before taking him down. Security entered the stage to break up the altercation as another onstage performer took the bewildered sheep away.

Ramazanov has participated for the German company Hype Fighting Championship in the past. It’s unknown if Ramazanov and Vadimych will engage in combat at ‘Our Business’ event since neither fighter has any MMA experience.

This is not the first odd incident to emerge from a Russian MMA company, and it most likely won’t be the last either.

Four guys engaged in a two-on-two bout recently at the Epic Fighting Championships. However, they were all wearing blindfolds. The battle evolved into a blind contest in which the competitors were repeatedly separated because they got mixed up while grappling on the mat.

Ivan Strelnikov is a middleweight fghter who competes in Hardcore MMA, a Russian organization. During his decision match against Kenan Guliyev, Strelnikov was compelled to cover up a tattoo on his stomach that depicted Nazi symbolism.

Just seconds into the first round, Strelnikov’s opponent delivered a body blow. This caused the tape covering the tattoo to come off.

In another incident, Alexander Karapetyan faced up against two bigger opponents at once earlier this year in Epic FC. The fact that Karapetyan only had one arm made the achievement even more remarkable. However, his disability made no difference since Karapetyan managed to knock out one of his opponents on the path to victory.