MMA fighter Shane Manley shot in abdomen while working at bar

MMA fighter Shane Manley recently got in the middle of an altercation at a bar in Syracuse. The MMA fighter attempted to break up the ongoing conflict and got shot in process.

Around the closing time of the Orange Crate Brewing Company in Syracuse, NY a scuffle started. It was followed by a large bang.

Manley was serving as a bouncer for the establishment that night and attempted to break up a physical conflict between two men.

During the intervention, he was hit to the back of his head. Dazed he was unaware what was happening until a loud bang was heard. At that point he felt pain in his stomach area. When he looked down he realized what had transpired.

According to,  Manley explained:

“Honestly, I thought I got hit with something,” he said, “then once I saw the blood, I knew I had been shot and I kind of went into shock.”

Customers fled the bar, as did the men who were in an altercation at the time. Coworker stayed with Manley until the ambulance arrived.

33 year old Manley underwent surgery and is still recovering.

GoFundMe campaign was created to help him with the cost of medical bills and monetary loss from being out of work.

Manley has a professional record consisting of 5 wins and 5 losses. He last appeared in the cage back in 2019 against Jeff Perez at Cage Titans FC. He was victorious. In his career, Manley duked it out with several notable names including Cody Garbrandt – who knocked him out all the way back in 2013.

Manley’s gofundme gathered $48,000 and far outperformed initial goal of $10,000. Among notable donations is MMA podcaster Brendan Schaub who contributed to Manley to the tune of $1000.