MMA Fighter losses a chunk of his ear during a bout

MMA athlete Alessandroi Botti lost a huge chunk of his ear in his recent match against Lukasz Siwiec. Botti received a nasty elbow while grounded and his ear literally got torn apart during Babilon MMA 29: Kacprzak vs Zorczykowski..

Polish based mixed martial arts promotion Babilon MMA held their last month’s event on June 10. The event featured a featherweight title fight and several other match ups. The co-main bout stole the spotlight and left fans in a state of disbelief.

During a middleweight bout between Lukasz Siwiec and Italian veteran Alessandro Botti. Botti miscalculated his opponent and got completely dominated as soon as the fight started. Botti managed to take down Siwiec but got outplayed on the ground and Siwiec successfully got on top of him.

At this point, Siwiec threw a barrage of punches and elbows at Botti. Just when Botti thought things couldn’t get any worse, one of the elbows hit him right on the ear. The impact literally tore up his right ear. And the friction following the impact only made it worse.

Noticing the nasty injury, the referee immediately waved hands and stopped the fight. Siwiec won the fight via doctor stoppage. With this result, Lukasz Siwiec marked his third consecutive win.

This injury is pretty similar to the one Leslie Smith received back in 2014. At the time, Smith was clashing against Jessica Eye at UFC 180. At the start of the second round, Smith failed to evade Eye’s strike that was aimed to her face. This resulted in the punch grazing her left ear and exploding the cauliflower. Smith wasn’t able to continue the fight and Eye was announced as the winner via doctor stoppage.

Similar case also happened at UFC Vegas 13 between Max Griffin and Ramiz Brahimaj. Brahimaj’s ear got teared up after receiving a vicious elbow and got worse for continuing the fight for several seconds.