MMA fans worried for Dillon Danis’ wellbeing after concerning tweet

Internet users have expressed growing concern for MMA’s Dillon Danis following a disturbing tweet that he posted and subsequently deleted. Danis, who has faced a series of challenges in recent days, including a loss in his boxing match against Logan Paul, has been at the center of controversy due to his actions on social media.

The online turmoil began when Danis chose to target Nina Agdal with offensive comments, a move that backfired considerably given the backlash it generated. Instead of moving on from the situation, Danis seemed fixated on the engaged couple, which resulted in significant online trolling.

This led some users to question whether his actions were an attempt to garner more attention or if he might genuinely be grappling with serious mental health issues.

One particular incident during this tumultuous period saw Danis making a false claim regarding Logan Paul’s relationship. He shared a picture of Paul with a woman, insinuating infidelity without realizing that the woman was Mike Majlak’s girlfriend, who is Logan’s best friend and business partner. The internet responded swiftly, ridiculing Danis with memes and online bullying.

Approximately five to six hours later, Dillon Danis posted a tweet that raised significant alarm. The now-deleted tweet read, “I don’t wanna be on this earth anymore.”

It is hoped that Danis can find the support and peace of mind he needs during this challenging time. Life has much to offer, even when it may seem otherwise. Friends and loved ones should reach out and offer support, as individuals with low self-esteem can be particularly vulnerable to the harsh realities of the online world.

For those who find themselves struggling with depression or experiencing intrusive thoughts, remember that you are not alone. Assistance is readily available through the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline at 988, both for yourself or to support a loved one during difficult times.