MMA fan pleads to see Victor Henry’s ‘mandarines’ after unfortunate low blow at UFC 294

UFC contender Victor Henry (23-6 MMA,2-1 UFC) recently faced a terrible incident at UFC 294 in Abu Dhabi. Despite the pain he suffered during the match, he harbors no resentment towards his opponent Javid Basharat.

His opponent tried to claim it a TKO victory – something his cornerman (former UFC star) Josh Barnett fiercely opposed.

Barnett reacted to this proclamation saying:

“Now you put words in my mouth. What are you on? Victor scared? You’re delusional – not only about the lowblow situation, Victor the man and the fighter, and about how well you were doing in that fight and your skills.

We already asked for the rematch so we will see who quits.”

This wasn’t the first exchange Barnett had with Henry’s opponent either.

In the aftermath of Saturday’s intense event, Henry chose to remain silent about the unusual turn of events. But on Monday, he took to Instagram to share an update on his condition, displaying admirable resilience.

Henry wrote: “A little update for you guys, doctors said no permanent damage to my pills but I’m gonna walk a little funny for a couple days. Swelling has gone down a significant amount after sleeping with ice on my smooth criminals which isn’t very easy to do.”

He went on to say: “For those of you calling for a DQ don’t be ridiculous. I don’t think my opponent had ill intentions to kick my nuts, he threw a legal strike that just so happen to hit an illegal spot. Totally not his fault, but that’s MMA.”

The incident transpired in the second round of their scheduled three-round bout at Etihad Arena. Henry endured a low blow, a matter Basharat vehemently contests. This has led to even Henry’s coach Josh Barnett expressing clear discontent.

Unfortunately, the available replays only offer a partially obstructed view of the moment.

At the instant of impact, Henry crumbled awkwardly to the canvas. He soon found himself in agonizing pain, writhing and rolling in discomfort. When the ringside physician approached him, there was a noticeable disagreement regarding the precise location of the strike.

However, Henry said that he showed proof to at least one medical expert to show that he was accurate about the location of the kick.

Henry wrote: “The doctors at the hospital (saw)…. not the doctor in the cage obviously. Although the backstage doc caught a good gander at my Satsumas.”

Naturally MMA wouldn’t be MMA if Henry didn’t receive one of these: