MMA Champ’s OF girlfriend claims she’ll dump him if he loses title

In a high-stakes showdown this weekend, Bellator champion Johnny Eblen not only looks to win a championship belt but also competes to maintain his relationship with the strikingly beautiful model Jessenia Rebecca.

This Saturday marks a historic event as Eblen steps into the ring on the first PFL vs Bellator card in Saudi Arabia. The bout against Impa Kasagnay comes amidst the recent acquisition of Bellator by the PFL.

Away from the arena, Eblen’s romantic life takes center stage. His connection to OF model Jessenia Rebecca is making quite some headlines. Notably, Eblen showcased his affection by showering Rebecca with $85k worth of gifts on Valentine’s Day.

However, the love story took an unexpected turn. In an interview with Fanbus TV, Rebecca candidly reveals that her commitment is tied to Eblen’s success in the ring. The stakes are high as she boldly asserts her position.

The interviewer asks her if she will still be with Eblen if he loses, to which he replies: “Then I’m out.”

The interviewer then asks: “Even though he just spent $85k on you?”

Rebecca goes on to say: “Yeah, he has to win, he has to win.”

In the aftermath of the interview, Rebecca faced criticism for her candid admission. Undeterred, she reinforces her perspective by challenging societal norms and advocating for honesty in 2024.

Rebecca doubled down, saying: “Since when was being honest wrong? Do you think if I stop being attractive or gained a bunch of weight he would be with me? No! He likes me cuz I’m attractive and I like him cuz he’s a CHAMPION. Either one of us can get dumped if we lose the thing that the other found attractive. Let’s start being honest in 2024.”

As the anticipation builds for Eblen’s showdown in Saudi Arabia, fans are waiting to see what happens next. Will he be able to convince his girlfriend to stay with him?