MMA champion reacts to OF Girlfriend doubling down on dumping him if he loses

MMA competitor Johnny Eblen recently found himself at the center of attention due to a viral video featuring his model girlfriend Jessenia Rebecca.

In a candid interview, Eblen’s girlfriend boldly proclaimed that she would end their relationship if he faced defeat in his upcoming bout. This is despite Eblen spending an impressive $85,000 on her during Valentine’s Day.

The reporter asks her whether she plans to stay with Eblen in the event that he loses in his upcoming match. Rebecca responds with, “Then I’m out.”

“Even though he just spent $85k on you?,” the interviewer then asks.

“Yeah, he has to win, he has to win,” Rebecca continues.

Rebecca was criticized after the interview for her replies. Undeterred by the ensuing backlash, she took to Instagram to reinforce her stance.

She responded: “Since when was being honest wrong? Do you think if I stop being attractive or gained a bunch of weight he would be with me? No! He likes me cuz I’m attractive and I like him cuz he’s a CHAMPION. Either one of us can get dumped if we lose the thing that the other found attractive. Let’s start being honest in 2024”

While the internet buzzed with opinions and speculations, Eblen remained undisturbed. In an exclusive conversation, he addressed the situation with a calm demeanor.

Eblen told Mirror, “People think it puts more pressure on me but it doesn’t. They are going to click on things that they want to click on and people happen to care about that part of my life over the fighting. The only thing I’ve got to do is go out there to fight and whatever happens happens.”

Eblen is currently gearing up for his PFL vs. Bellator clash against Impa Kasanganay. As the bout approaches, people are waiting to see if Eblen will be successful in keeping his lady love.