MMA Champion Mini Majk defends his belt with a spectacular performance

Tiny mixed martial artist from Poland “Mini Majk” defended his championship this past weekend. Majk clashed with Salim Chiboub and earned victory via technical knockout.

Mateusz Krzyżanowski, famously known as ‘Mini Majk’, is a mixed martial artist with dwarfism. He competes within High League, a Poland-based MMA promotion that also features dwarf competition called ‘High League Dwarf’. This dwarf competition is not a pop-MMA promotion-  Majk is an actual professional and competes against legit trained competition.

Majk was featured on the main card with fellow dwarf Salim Chiboub at High League 4: Natsu vs Lexy 2. Majk and Chiboub were featured in the same event along with other able bodied athletes. The event took place in Gliwice, Poland on September 17.

Majk and Chiboub clashed to see who can become the the High League Dwarf champion and to get the “short-grown belt”. It was a fairly easy match for Majk as he only needed 34 seconds to defeat Chiboub.

Majk showed the skill gap within himself and Chiboub as soon as the bout started. It didn’t take long for the action to moe to the ground with Majk dominating Chiboub. Chiboub was clearly overwhelmed with Majk’s intense strikes.

Majk piled on the ground and pound. He rained down heavy strikes while pinning Chiboub down sideways. Seeing Chiboub being helpless, the referee stepped in and halted the bout before Chiboub received more damage. The bout ended with Mini Majk coming out as the winner and keeping his belt.

The match went as people had expected. Mini Majk had 2 matches before facing Chiboub.

 Marek Kruszel once competed against Mateusz Krzyżanowski, aka 'Mini Majk'
Marek Kruszel once competed against Mateusz Krzyżanowski, aka ‘Mini Majk’

He lost his first match against Marek Kruszel at Fame MMA in 2019 via body shot knockout.

He then joined the High League earlier this year and defeated Maciej Jarema. Majk now has a professional record consisting of 2 wins and 1 loss.

Meanwhile, Salim Chiboub previously boxed another dwarf – Likkleman and lost.