MMA Analyst Brendan Schaub’s latest gaffe will have you laughing for days

Brendan Schaub has been a successful podcaster and stand-up comedian ever since he retired from the UFC, back in 2015.

Big Brown was a frequent guest on the Joe Rogan Experience and has been friends with Rogan for the longest time. Schaub was a part of the MMA show Rogan would host on the weekends and watch matches along with his best friends.

But ever since Rogan had moved away from LA and relocated to Texas, Schaub is running out of friends. The podcaster was forced out of the podcast network that held many of his podcasts thanks to them being cohosted by ‘cancelled’ comedian Brain Callen. While Callen’s personal history disqualifies him from working in Hollywood, he’s an established comedian so the lack of Callen was something that was frequently felt on the podcasts. This led Schaub to became a founder of his own network, and even leave Showtime, a network that hosted Big Brown Breakdown and Food truck diaries.

In spite of the mixed reception of his new network, Schaub pushes on.

A recent viral clip featured Schaub along with comedians Jeff Dye and Chris D’Elia.

In the short clip, Dye is explaining that his show filmed on multiple continents when Schaub interrupted.

“Season one we are the Asian forever, season two we are on Europe, Africa, and…” Dye said.

“Have you went to Africa?” Schaub asked.

“Well, just for one location, we were in Morocco.” Dye answered.

Seemingly a bit confused hearing that, Schaub said “Jesus Christ, dude” to Dye.

By looking at Schaub’s response, Dye then says that many people thought Africa is a country, and he used to be one of them.

“People say Africa like it’s a country, I do it too all the time,” he said.

“But Africa is a country.” claimed Schaub boldly.

He also added “But it’s like I’m American but I’m from f*ck*ng Denver,” in reference to Africa being a continent. While his other two guests star keeps explaining to him that it is a big continent.

The mistake didn’t go unnoticed – people on Twitter went on to troll Schaub for his poor gaffe.

“Please tell me this isn’t the American education system and just Schaub being Schaub?”

Other users were a bit harsher –  they wrote that “Brendan has 5 years old’s brain ?”.

Schaub may have been successful in the octagon but the jury has yet to answer if he’s smarter than a 5th grader! Yikes.