Mixed martial artist fighting for his life after falling from 10th floor while ‘trying to save his cat’

A mixed martial artist suffered severe injuries after falling from a building’s tenth story while attempting to rescue his beloved cat.

In a surprising incident in Rostov-on-Don, Russia, Hardcore MMA combatant Magomed Zainalov faces severe injuries after a fall from the 10th floor. He risked it all in an attempt to save his pet cat.

Eyewitness reports and a circulating video on social media capture the aftermath of Zainalov’s fall. Shirtless and wearing jogging bottoms, he lies on the street amidst a pool of blood. The video also unveils a smashed car windscreen, allegedly damaged as Zainalov landed on top of it.

Rumors suggest that Zainalov might have plunged from the building while attempting to rescue his cat. The initial information reported by Russian outlet pravda.ru proposes that the feline went onto the balcony and onto a drain pipe. According to the report, the athlete could have fallen out of a window while attempting to save his cat.

Despite the horrifying incident, Zainalov miraculously survived the 10-floor fall. He suffered significant injuries, including broken legs and a fractured pelvis.

According to the site, medics are reportedly making sure Zainalov can still use his legs. Vitaly Tarasov (the manager) discussed the Zainalov’s ailments in an interview with Sports24 via Social Bites.

He said: “I talked to Magomed’s wife. According to him, he was absolutely sober when this happened. We are now waiting for him to fully recover and start talking.”

“Then we will know for sure what happened. He is currently conscious and under the supervision of doctors, his condition is stable, he has fractures in his legs and pelvis.”

The unfortunate incident has forced a change in Zainalov’s plans, as he was scheduled to face Eduard Kuzminov on February 2. Given the severity of his injuries, participation in the upcoming fight seems highly unlikely. Hardcore MMA has pledged to cover all expenses related to Zainalov’s necessary surgeries.