Mixed martial artist convicted of slaying an escort in California

Mixed martial artist Nain Isaac Nieto Hernandez, made the headlines this Wednesday after he was found guilty of the murder of an escort.

Orange County Register reported the news first. Nain was convicted in the case of Sarai Alcaraz, a 23 years old escort from Long Beach, in December 2015. He was charged with second-degree murder in California.

According to the trial brief of the case filed by the District Attorney, the escort firm called the police to an office when they found that one of their workers was missing. The police arrived at the location where a driver Jordan Beltran was waiting for them.

Beltran was the person who brought the lady to the office at 10 p.m. She texted Beltran at 10:29 p.m. to let him know she had the money and was leaving once he arrived at the office.
Beltran claimed that as he waited for her to come out, he spotted a man(Hernandez) leaving the place and approached him.

However, the man seemed uncomfortable and quickly went back inside the office building and locked the door. Hernandez again exited his office, and the driver confronted him and asked about Alcaraz. Hernandez replied that she had tried to rob him, and he did not know where she was right now.

Nain Isaac Nieto Hernandez left the building quickly in a white Minivan. The driver again tried to contact Sarai Alcaraz but could not do so. Hence, he called the escort service and told them about the situation. Police discovered the victim in a supply closet. The victim suffered severe head and face injuries, and blood was running from her nose and ears.

The driving license of Hernandez was discovered at the crime scene, and upon asking, he claimed he just shoved her in anger and did not punch her. He further stated that he did it in self-defense as the lady tried to rob him.

Hernandez is charged with murder and scheduled to be sentenced in October 2022.