Misfits boxer ‘stretchered’ off after passing out from exhaustion’ despite WINNING

Influencer boxing enthusiasts were riveted by Armz Korleone’s recent match, which led to his stretcher-assisted exit due to exhaustion. This incident left the audience concerned about his well-being, overshadowing his victory at the York Hall event hosted by Misfits Boxing.

Armz transitioned from bodybuilding to combat sports recently. He emerged victorious against Malcolm Minikon, securing a unanimous decision win in their rematch.

However, the happiness of victory swiftly turned into worry as Armz faced hyperventilation. He sought immediate assistance after the match’s conclusion. Armz was stretchered out of the ring by the doctors in the backstage area.



Viewers of the event expressed their apprehension, flooding social media platforms with well-wishes and concerns for Armz Korleone’s health. Messages wishing him a speedy recovery and expressing deep concern for his well-being dominated the online chatter following the match.

Some of them are as follows:

“Hoping Armz is okay.”

“Wishing Armz a speedy recovery.”

“That may have been one of the most brutal fights to watch in influencer boxing, but I genuinely hope Armz is okay.”

“Armz is being taken out on a stretcher again… f**k man.”

“F**k the ref and f**k Armz’s corner.

“Armz [was] clearly was not okay in the 4th, and anyone can see that fight should’ve been stopped! Praying he’s well.”

Armz Korleone gained prominence through Instagram, and boasts an impressive following of over 517,000 fans. His comedic gym skits and displays of immense strength captivated audiences.

Armz told SunSports: “It’s a combination of my physique, my work ethic and my personality and how I created my videos and content. I always aimed to have my content be very interactive, not the normal thing you see.”

Armz recently shifted his focus to combat sports in recent years. While he occasionally indulges in weightlifting, his commitment to combat sports takes precedence.

He said: “When it comes to mixed martial arts, there is no room for weight training, unless you make time. Mixed martial arts and boxing are two different sports, when I do my mixed martial arts training, there’s a lot of wrestling, a lot of jiu-jitsu, striking, boxing, kickboxing.”

“For two hours you’re constantly getting slammed on the floor, you’re doing locks, getting choked out, then you have to do striking. So after all of that, there’s not really any room for weight lifting. But I’ve been pushing myself, so I do still get my weight lifting in.”