Mike Tyson reacts to that time Deontay Wilder destroyed an internet troll

Charlie Zelenoff is probably one of those guys in combat sports that had it coming multiple times over.

As one of the most infamous boxing trolls in history, he made a name for himself by beating people at random gyms after asking for a light sparring and subsequently claiming those as a ‘professional wins’.

However, he has also messed with the wrong guys and received proper punishment several times. One of the key events featured Deontay Wilder.

Boxing legend Mike Tyson recently got to watch Wilder dismantle the troll for the first time on his podcast.

The viral clash happened in 2014 after Wilder agreed to meet the self-proclaimed ‘331-0 undefeated champion’ after enduring years of abuse from the legendary troll.

The former WBC heavyweight champion also claimed that Zelenoff made several sickening comments regarding his daughter who was born with spina bifida prior to the meeting.

Wilder, who was 31-0 with 31 knockouts at that time, barges Zelenoff with punches as soon as they laced their gloves.

“Don’t you ever call me a n****r again!”

“Don’t you ever say you’re going to tape my daughter!” shout Wilder in the middle of the exchange.

Zelenoff eventually ended up eating more punches before Wilder’s team stopped him from going overboard and ‘Charlie Z’ successfully made his escape.

Props to Zelenoff though, not many people could eat those shots from Wilder and still maintain consciousness, let alone run away.


The former undisputed heavyweight champion amusingly told Henry Cejudo and Andy Ruiz Jr who were present in the studio that he would be imprisoned if he do what Wilder did here.

“I saw Deontay Wilder f**k some YouTuber up, he was talking about his daughter,” Tyson began.

“Deontay Wilder went to the gym and beat his fu**ing ass, I thought ‘oh s**t, did he really do that?’… If I did that I would have been arrested.”

“Deontay Wilder is a crazy motherfu**er. He could go to jail for this s**t.”

“He look like he trying to kill this fu**ing guy. OH F**K!”

“F–k no man! I would be in prison for this s**t!”


Wilder thought things trough, it was reported that Zelenoff had signed a legal waiver so he couldn’t sue for any damages related to the meeting.