Mike Tyson spotted in Italy shooting a new movie

Boxing icon and former world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson recently graced the streets of Italy, temporarily stepping away from his film endeavors to engage with fans and capture moments through photographs.

While details surrounding Tyson’s latest project remain shrouded in secrecy, rumors suggest a focus on a mysterious character named ‘Bunny Man.’ Although Tyson’s position in the new film is yet unknown, it marks the continuation of his Hollywood career.

On a Tuesday morning in Turin, Tyson made a public appearance. He emerged from his hotel with a distinctive duffle bag. Shielded by security, Tyson skillfully navigated through the awaiting crowd of enthusiastic onlookers.

Devoted fans were armed with their smartphones and eagerly sought a moment with the 57-year-old boxing legend. Tyson was more than willing to comply.

In addition to taking a photo with a female fan, the 57-year-old also seemed to be signing something for another.

Tyson’s venture into Hollywood extends beyond this current project, with a notable filmography since retiring from professional boxing. Notably, his collaborations with Bradley Cooper in ‘The Hangover’ series garnered widespread acclaim.

His most recent appearance in the ring was in November 2020 during a controversial exhibition bout he had with Roy Jones Jr.

Recently, rumors circulated about a potential showdown with UFC cult hero Mark Hunt in Saudi Arabia. However, recent reports from Tyson’s camp deny any ongoing discussions with Hunt or his management.

Mark Hunt is a former UFC star who has transitioned to boxing. In November 2022, he defeated Sonny Bill Williams with a fourth-round knockout. The heavyweight from Sydney said that he intended to compete in bare-knuckle match before facing boxing legend Tyson in the last match of his career.

Although Hunt said that negotiations for a bout with Tyson are still in the very early stages, Daily Mail Australia was informed by a source in Mike’s camp that no discussions had taken place with Hunt or his management.

The insider went on to say that the 49-year-old is not appealing to compete right now or in the future against the former heavyweight champion.