Mike Tyson says he wants to face Logan Paul in the WWE

Paul’s first WWE appearance occurred at WrestleMania 37 in 2021, setting the stage for a captivating wrestling career. In 2022, he inked a deal committing to a specified number of matches annually.

The renowned social media influencer and boxer showcased his prowess in singles matches against The Miz, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins. This stellar performance led to a multi-year contract renewal with the company in April of the following year.

Paul’s return to action at SummerSlam saw him win against Ricochet. He then went on to capture the United States Championship at Crown Jewel in October by pinning Rey Mysterio.

‘The Maverick’ continued his winning streak at the recent Royal Rumble premium live event, successfully defending his title against Kevin Owens via a DQ victory.

Scheduled to appear at the upcoming Elimination Chamber event in Australia, Paul’s opponent remains uncertain. However, speculation suggests that the 28-year-old will grace the WrestleMania stage once again.

While a face-off with Tyson might not be in the WrestleMania cards, the boxing legend has expressed keen interest in a WWE match with Paul.

Mike made a notable appearance at WrestleMania 14 as the special outside enforcer for the main event between Shawn Michaels and Steve Austin. He played a pivotal role in Austin’s WWE Championship victory.

Throughout his stint with the WWE, Tyson did not wrestle. Legendary commentator and former head of talent relations Jim Ross said on his podcast that to his knowledge, Tyson was not approached to compete in a bout at that time.

But Tyson himself confirmed his eagerness to compete inside the squared circle.

In a conversation with Alfred Konuwa of Pro Wrestling Bits in May, Tyson stated: “I’m in the wrestling Hall of Fame! I loved wrestling all my life. The Valiant Brothers, Bruno Sammartino, that’s just who I was: the arrogant talker and the bad guy who people booed.”

“That’s when I realised you can’t remember the good guy without the bad guy. That’s what makes the good guy famous, is the bad guy. The good guy is nothing without the bad guy, the bad guy is the biggest draw. That’s why Floyd Mayweather [who faced Big Show at WrestleMania 24] and myself were the biggest draws, because we were the bad guys.”

Expressing his wish to face Logan Paul in the wrestling ring, he said: “Have you ever seen me wrestle before? I would do it [face Logan Paul]. I would kick his a**. Yes, I would do it. Even though I love him, though.”

Tyson went on to say: “Deep down inside – don’t let [WWE] know – I would do this for free.”

The wrestling world now eagerly awaits to witness whether Mike Tyson will engage in a full-fledged WWE match.