Mike Tyson fears Jake Paul “would go to jail” rather than show up to box him

Legendary boxer Mike Tyson is interested in a blockbuster boxing match with Jake Paul, but he feard that Paul’s antics will get him in trouble during the build-ups.

The YouTube-turned boxer Paul has called out Tyson multiple times for a clash at heavyweight. And after so many attempts, ‘Iron Mike’ is finally tempted.

Paul recently said that he is willing to bulk up to heavyweight to face Tyson in a boxing match that he thinks would generate $200-300 million.

“I joke with my friends about it, I’m like I’ll start eating Krispy Kreme doughnuts, move up to heavyweight and fight Mike Tyson. That would actually excite me and that’s a $200-300million event. So Mike, if you’re watching this let’s have some fun. New school vs old school and I think that’s something that the fans would want to see.”

Tyson was impressed by both Paul brothers and called their campaign to box him “awesome” and “cool”.

Despite his interest in the showdown, Tyson worries about Paul’s “crazy” antics will get him into trouble before they even get to the event.

“I would worry about him getting in trouble before the fight happened,” Tyson said on his Hotboxin podcast. “I’d tell him ‘hey man, you’re going to go for jail for real, chill out’. This dude’s crazy, he would be throwing stuff at people, bottles and stuff.”

But Tyson also gave a condition to the potential exhibition clash, to break the biggest-selling PPV records held by Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Manny Pacquiao.

“Hell yeah [I’d do it], only to break the record,” Tyson continued. “Jake Paul believe it not is more profitable than the champs, this guy probably brings about 80 million people to the table. Let’s do it Jakey, God wouldn’t that be cool.”

While talking about big numbers, Paul was recently laughed at as his latest fight against Tyron Woodley only generated an awfully low 65,000 sales.

He is planning on a return to the ring in August, with the 25-year-old naming former UFC champion Michael Bisping as one of his potential opponents.

These comments are especially jarring considering that Tyson is looking at possible jail time himself after an alleged scuffle during a flight.