Mike Tyson complements Jake Paul, but also says ‘I’d beat these f***ers’

Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson recently expressed his thoughts on Jake Paul’s impact on the sport and what he would do if they faced off.

Mike Tyson has voiced his unhappiness with the current pattern of the biggest matches not materialising, as have many other combat sports fans. However, he also praised Jake Paul and noted the energy he has brought to the sport.

On an episode of Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson, he said:

“I love the fact he jumped into the game. People don’t understand that boxing needs that. At this stage in boxing the greatest fighters are not fighting each other, boxing needs a guy like this. Listen when he fights he brings 75 million to the box office.”

While praising Jake Paul’s contribution to the sport of boxing, Mike Tyson also explained about what would transpire if the two ever squared off in the ring. Despite the fact that Paul is gaining recognition as a talented fighter, Tyson made it obvious that Tyson thinks he would win in a hypothetical match.

The boxer said:

“I would beat these f**kers [Jake and Logan Paul]. I’d go straight at them, there would be no boxing. The only thing I got to do is be in shape.”

Jake Paul will be officially ranked in the cruiserweight category by the World Boxing Council (WBC) if he defeats Tommy Fury on February 26 in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia. With the current champion Ilunga Makabu already slated to defend his title on the same undercard, this possible victory might give Paul the chance to compete for the world championship.

Paul may possibly challenge the winner of the Makabu-Jack fight for the world title if he beats Fury and gains a high rating in the WBC cruiserweight division. Although it may seem like a high objective, it is consistent with Paul’s stated desire to capture the boxing world title.