Mike Tyson backs Francis Ngannou: Tougher than anyone thinks

Former UFC Heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou has officially signed on to face Tyson Fury in a highly anticipated boxing match scheduled for October. While some initially speculated that the bout might be an exhibition, this is not the case.

Ngannou’s foray into the boxing world will span ten intense rounds. The match will be reflected upon his professional record, but the WBC heavyweight title will not be at stake in this matchup.

This extraordinary event will mark the first time in combat sports history where boxing’s lineal heavyweight champion takes on the UFC’s lineal heavyweight champion. Preparations for the bout have already begun, with Francis Ngannou enlisting the legendary Mike Tyson as one of his primary trainers. A longtime friend of the PFL heavyweight, Mike Tyson will assume the role of mentor and coach for Ngannou during this momentous journey.

In an exclusive interview with ESPN’s First Take, Mike Tyson shared his thoughts on Francis Ngannou’s venture into the boxing realm. The former boxing champion expressed his admiration for Ngannou and confidently stated that the upcoming match with Tyson Fury would be a much tighter contest than most people anticipate.

While talking about Francis Ngannou, Tyson said: “He’s had many professional fights, but he’s never experienced a professional boxing match. But by working with him yesterday, he has the aptitude, and I see a good future in this life. It’s not going to be as one-sided as people think it is. I was speaking with Francis once he came in and I asked him ‘Are you sore today?’, and he said ‘No’.”

Mike went on to say: “That was a big mistake. But, we’re going to work and we’re going to exert everything he has for this particular match. I definitely believe that it’s going to be a tougher fight than anyone thinks.”

With Mike Tyson guiding him, Ngannou’s transition to boxing shows promise. As the date draws nearer, the buzz surrounding this extraordinary event will only intensify.