Mike Perry willing to welcome Donald Cowboy Cerrone in the boxing ring

“Platinum” Mike Perry recently revealed that he’s interested in a rematch with “Cowboy” Cerrone, but in a boxing ring.

Perry is currently signed to the Bare-knuckle FC as a middleweight. He was formerly a part of the UFC where he had 15 outings.

Cerrone, who competed in the UFC recently retired with a record of 36 wins and 17 losses.

Perry and Cowboy clashed at UFC 246. The result was Cowboy winning by submission in the first round, in under 5 minutes.

Cowboy won by putting Perry in an armbar and in this case Perry’s size advantage could not save him.

Recently Perry tweeted “If you’re looking to box @Cowboycerrone I’m up for my rematch”. This isn’t the first time he has asked for a rematch.

In an interview, the MMA vet said:

“It’s ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone – he’s always down to go again to cash another paycheck,”.

“It’s such a game of mindsets where you can play the game on rematches like that because I was finding myself when he fought me the first time. I feel that I have found myself now – so that if he feels, ‘I’m too old and tired to continue to try to get a title win streak going and win for a title,’ instead of giving up after all this time, then he can give me another shot.”

Perry also boasted about his fights and regarding the outcome of his rematch by saying:
“We’ll see if he would want to fight me a third time after I beat him the second time. It’s just real. I want to get that rematch back. That’s the only MMA fighter who has ever stopped me. I may have lost decisions, but no one has ever done anything to me. They were always afraid and running away and ducking and covering. It’s nothing, bro.”

Cerrone recently revealed he wouldn’t turn down a Jake Paul boxing payday – but Paul was uninterested in the match up.