Mike Perry tries to “s*xually penetrate” opponents with fist strikes at BKFC

Mixed martial artist turned bare knuckle boxer Mike Perry is no stranger to controversy, but he recently drew criticism for comments made about his style.

In a podcast interview with Michael Bisping, Perry stated he tries to “s*xually penetrate” his opponents by violently striking their faces with his fists.

According to Perry, the lack of gloves allows boxers’ punches to “penetrate” more deeply and do more harm. “The harder you squeeze that thing and you just shove it through their bones and try to penetrate them s*xually with your fists in their face, I’m sure I’m trying to face f*** you with my fists,” Perry said graphically.

One of the biggest shifts is the reduced need for grappling and wrestling training in bare knuckle. “I skip all that and I go right from my most talented attributes and I bring it to you,” he said. Without gloves, bouts become more focused on striking prowess.

Additionally, the pace and action is amplified with shorter rounds and no gloves. “It’s more aggressive and action-packed,” said Perry. “Bare knuckle, it’s like knuckle up and go, you got 2 minutes, go.” This dynamic suits Perry’s aggressive style well.

While MMA offers more elements, Perry believes bare knuckle’s unrelenting violence better showcases his love of fighting. “Why try to be something you’re not? Why try to take too much time in a fight?” he said. “I like to f****** actually put on the show.”

The former UFC fighter brings a perspective based on competing at the highest levels of both sports. As Perry continues his bare knuckle career, his analysis highlights keys differences that impact fighters’ preparations and performances.