Mike Perry reveals ‘lowball’ offer from the UFC to buy BKFC

UFC CEO Dana White recently met with BKFC owner David Feldman. The details of this meeting were shrouded in secrecy as neither White nor Feldman disclosed any information to the public.

However, former UFC combatant turned BKFC contender Mike Perry spilled the beans on what transpired during this meeting.

During an episode of the Overdogs podcast which is co-hosted by Perry himself, he disclosed intriguing insights from an undisclosed source. Although the reliability of the source might be questioned, Perry unveiled that an offer to acquire BKFC was on the table.

Perry stated: “I didn’t hear this from the most reliable source, but there was a drunk guy, and he said he was talking to somebody credible. He mentioned something about an offer being made to purchase BKFC. Interestingly, I think it was a lowball offer, $200 million for the BKFC, and Feldman said no.”

Dana White had previously expressed disinterest in the BKFC. Historically, the UFC has absorbed rival fight promotions, with White and the Fertitta brothers acquiring Pride, WEC, and Strikeforce before Endeavour’s acquisition of the UFC.

Notably, PFL recently made headlines by acquiring Bellator. However, Dana White criticized this strategic move.

Perry is currently the face of BKFC and just took home the symbolic title of King of Violence. He defeated the former UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez to win the championship.

Perry also recently disclosed that he received an opportunity to engage in bare-knuckle boxing from the Middle East.

While Dana White’s primary focus remains on the UFC, his business ventures extend beyond the octagon, with the Power Slap occupying a significant portion of his attention. White has even said that the most-watched video on social media is the Power Slap.

The Power Slap has garnered attention from UFC stalwarts like Michael Bisping and Anthony Smith, along with widespread interest from celebrities and influencers.

On the other hand, Mike Perry does not like it.

In Episode 21 of the Overdogs podcast, Perry candidly expressed his displeasure with the Power Slap. He found White’s aggressive promotion on social media irksome and criticized the comparatively low purse. Additionally, Perry pointed out the inherent health risks associated with the event, making it a less appealing prospect for professional athletes.