Mike Perry Opens Up On Surviving Prison, Showering In Underwear

In a recent episode of Overdogs Podcast, BKFC contender Mike Perry spoke about his experience in prison and the challenges of maintaining privacy in jail showers.

Prior to beginning his combat sports career, Perry was imprisoned for six months for breaking the terms of his sentence for armed burglary in 2011. When he was arrested, he was 19 years old.

Perry was raised in poverty, living in ’20 to 30′ various houses in Michigan and Florida. Hestarted robbing homes with a few companions in his late teens in order to pay their rent.

In the episode, Perry revealed that the lack of privacy in jail showers was a major challenge. With no individual stalls or curtains, Perry said he would shower quickly while constantly moving and turning his body to avoid scrutiny from other inmates.

He said: “Cuz I did take showers in jail prison, and I realized like day two that there was never going to be any privacy. So that I just had to go in that to take a shower whenever I f**king had to. So day two, I took a shower. And you know… I would start with my underwear on, I’d shower. And then I’d wash them, take them b**ches off, hang them to dry. And then I’d keep turning, it was constant movement. I’m just constantly moving.”

Perry said that he started showering while wearing underwear, then washing the underwear and removing it. Perry explained that in the showers, you face the other men and don’t show them your back.

He continued: “I take like two minute, three minute shower, it’s not that bad. It’s quick, you know. You just got to wash up, get the f**k out.”

While Perry declined to provide more explicit details, his comments offer a raw, unfiltered perspective on how life is in prison.