Mighty Mouse is opposed to countering insults with physical altercations: “To me, they’re just words”

Demetrious Johnson boasts a remarkable legacy underscored by a record-setting streak of 11 consecutive UFC title defenses.

Following his transition to ONE Championship in 2018, Johnson continues to showcase his prowess, amassing an impressive record of 5-1 and clinching the ONE flyweight championship title. Despite the passage of time, the 37-year-old remains an active and influential figure within the MMA community.

In a recent appearance on the JAXXON podcast alongside UFC veteran Quinton Jackson, Johnson delved into various facets of his personal and professional life. Addressing his approach to confrontational situations.

Johnson thrives on avoiding conflict outside of the octagon and provided an interesting theory about how to handle getting disrespected in everyday sitautions.

“They’re just words, right? Me and my wife walking around, some guys walking by and he goes, ‘nice t*ts’. And my wife goes, ‘You hear that?’ I said, ‘Yes, he said you got nice t*ts. I agree you got nice t*ts. You want me to go and kick his *ss? I can go do that. But then, what else is gonna follow me whooping his *ss?’” Johnson said.

He added, “If somebody says, ‘Oh, you black motherf*cker…’ I’m like… If I go out and fight him, what am I proving? Because there’s other 20 motherf*ckers out there who can’t wait to call me that.”

Johnson underscored the ineffectiveness of resorting to violence as a means of vindication, acknowledging the perpetuation of hostility in its aftermath.

Johnson’s demeanor stands in stark contrast to conventional narratives within the MMA sphere, where tales of impulsive street brawls often dominate discourse. His unwavering commitment to restraint underscores the profound influence of martial arts disciplines, which not only hone combat skills but also instill a sense of self-discipline and emotional control.