Michelle Waterson taps to a guillotine from Amanda Lemos

Amanda Lemos put on a tremendous performance at UFC on ABC 3 against Michelle Waterson-Gomez. Lemos was eager to strike in R1 and had been loading big shots. But sadly round one eventually went to Waterson thanks to a well timed takedown.

Round two is a whole other story. Early on, Lemos jumped guillotine on Waterson. The two went from a standing position to the mat. The choke was in deep, Waterson tried to defend but to no avail. She used her bottom arm to top – and the Ref didn’t even register the tap.

Amanda Lemos honored the tap – and Michelle Waterson-Gomez admitted to the referee that she had tapped.


This is highly unusual. Often submissions cause damage due to the fact that there’s a rule in the UFC to not let go of a submission until the ref intervenes – for cases like these. Because often times an athlete will not acknowledge they tapped. This practice is commonly refered to as Brazilian tapping.

Lemos thanked her team and coaches after the victory.