Michael Chandler Dislocated a Finger Minutes Before UFC 274 performance

UFC lightweight contender Michael Chandler revealed that he dislocated his ring finger before the Tony Ferguson clash.

Michael Chandler put on an incredible performance last weekend agains the fan favorite, Tony Ferguson. 17 seconds into the second round, the former Bellator lightweight champion surprised Ferguson with a front kick that rendered him unconscious. The knockout marked Chandler’s second victory within the UFC.

Despite having quite an easy bout, Michael Chandler revealed that he wasn’t entering the octagon fully well. Chandler said he dislocated a finger during warm ups 30 minutes before the bout.

“I dislocated my [ring] finger about 20-30 minutes before the fight, blocking a kick. My buddy Marquez, a great training partner of mine, he was throwing kicks. I had this great idea.” Chandler said during the recent interview at The Pat McAfee Show.

He explained that he was just planning to build the adrenaline up before the bout started. Unfortunately, a small accident happened.

“Warmup was already done, I’m going out in about 10-20 minutes, and I go, ‘Hey, throw some high kicks at me and I’ll block them and go body shot.’ And he threw a normal kick like he’s done 1,000 times at me and I ended up going fingernail all the way back, bent it all the way back.” Chandler said.

“At this point, we keep the adrenaline going, I said ‘this ain’t a hand, it’s a hammer. We gotta go.” Chandler said.

Michael Chandler has gone 2-2 since joining the UFC in January 2021. The 36-year-old had a good record at Bellator and after winning his first bout against Dan Hooker, he was given a chance to get the vacant title against Charles OIiveira.

Chandler then suffered another loss after having a fierce clash with Justin Gaethje.

As for his next, Michael Chandler wants to face the infamous Conor McGregor. He called out McGregor during the octagon interview after defeating Ferguson.