Michael Bisping irked over Logan Paul dismissal: “I will tear your f***ing head off”

UFC champion Michael Bisping had his brushes with the Paul brothers but none left him as irked as this most recent brush wth Logan Paul.

The two brothers are experts at inciting reactions from those who are targets of their irritating remarks.

Bisping previously exchanged words with Jake, Logan’s younger brother.

Bisping is now over 40 years old and has been retired for a number of years. When Jake Paul pushed for a boxing match with Bisping, the incident irritated him.

And while Jake Paul is making moves in combat sports that are gradually earning him respect, Logan Paul hasn’t been able to get a single win in boxing. Previously he’s faced KSI and Floyd Mayweather.

Logan Paul went on to tell Tigerbelly podcast:

“Boxing, I would win, I’d beat Conor in boxing,”
“I would have to go with him (in a backyard brawl).”

Logan also thinks he has the edge to beat Andrew Tate and Michael Bisping but doesn’t think he’d beat Nate Diaz, Francis Ngannou, and Israel Adesanya.

Bisping described the recent incident saying,

“Bobby Lee is throwing names at Logan Paul and [asking] whether or not he’d beat them in a fight and he said, ‘Yeah, I’d beat Michael Bisping, he’s old.”

“Logan Paul, man, you don’t know what you are talking about. I am not going to sit here and act hard and tough. But the path that we have been on and the path that you have been on… It is a different path.“

“You don’t want to be f***ing locked down a dark alley with me. I will tear your f***ing head off, Logan. I will be arrested for manslaughter.”