Michael Bisping calls out Jake Paul for “masquerading as a fighter”

UFC veteran Michael Bisping is not amused by the amount of attention Jake Paul is receiving for his moves in the combat sports world.

‘The Count’ criticized Jake for being a clout chaser and technically not being an actual athlete.

Michael Bisping is the most popular mixed martial artist from the UK. The 43-year-old had ups and downs in his UFC run but eventually became a middleweight champion in 2016.

Bisping retired in 2016 and currently works as a UFC commentator as well as content creator. Despite not having a single match in several years, Bisping still has some star power.

Jake Paul previously toyed with the idea of a boxing match with Bisping.

‘The Problem Child’ is known to pick easy but popular opponents, mainly retired MMA athletes. When Jake was planning to have his 6th boxing match last year, he listed 6 potential opponents including Bisping.

Recently, Bisping discussed Jake’s boxing career on his podcast.

“He is strategically with his manager trying to make money for themselves and God bless them. When you are masquerading as this fighter that is going to be a world champion and wants to fight Canelo Alvarez.” Bisping said.

“When you are trying to spearhead a movement for the fighters. No. That is no. What you are doing, stop it. You are trying to hoodwink, pull the wool over people’s eyes for money, fame and clout.”

“Because everyone wants to be a fighter and everyone wants to be the toughest guy in the room. He is trying to get people to talk about him like the best, but he isn’t doing it that way.”

“He is trying to get easy paydays. When the champ walks in the room, that is something that all men are looking for. It resonates with them, that is a thing that speaks to us and it is that animalistic thing. That fueled me as a kid and Jake is trying to get that respect but he just doesn’t have it in the right way.”

As for Jake Paul, he is planning to return to the squared circle in February. However, he hasn’t revealed opponent’s name yet. Tommy Fury and UFC vet Mike Perry seem to be in the running.