Merry Christmas? UFC releases Winn after he suffered a concussion at the UFC PI and was pulled from the last card

UFC is nothing more than a heartless corporate entity, and they’re quite alright with that image. According to reports, Deron Winn was released from the roster yesterday.

The organization decided to part ways with UFC middleweight just days after Winn (7-3 MMA, 2-3 UFC) was pulled from competing against Julian Marquez at UFC Vegas 66.

The accident happened when Winn fainted during the weight cut at the PI and was subsequently administered an IV drip.

Winn said after his bout was called off that he was “skating on thin ice” with the promotion. He didn’t know what the future held since he had suffered three losses in his previous four.

After learning of his release, Winn said it was a sly move from the promotion:

“Being released after a freak accident on their property the week before Christmas. Man “it’s business not personal” has never been more real 🤦🏾‍♂️”

Then Winn uploaded a video on Instagram detailing the events that took place. He said the following:

“Tuesday I got a phone call from Hunter Campbell and the UFC and I guess we decided to part ways. He just explained some things to me about my resume and my career that adds up, but I also said a few things to try to defend myself and I just feel like this wasn’t the reason to let me go. I think that they’ve had reasons in the past to let me go, but I just wished that I could’ve went out on my shield.”

“I would’ve rathe went out on a loss or even a boring win. Just such an accidental freak accident situation that happened to me at the UFC PI. They have it on camera. Their employees are the ones that took care of me, they withdrew me from the fight.”

“It’s kinda sh*tty. I feel sh*tty about it. I just wish it would’ve happened a different way. But that being said, UFC will never define me or who I am as a person and a man. I do believe it’s a highlight of my life and something that I did and just another dream that I accomplished. But in reality, UFC was never my childhood dream. It was more wrestling and trying to make the Olympic team and stuff like that.”

“I don’t think I’m done. I’m going to sit down with (Daniel Cormier) and others and see what my options are going forward in this free agency time. I’m definitely willing to fight in the future.”