McGregor’s manager: Return likely moved to 2024

McGregor’s manager, Audie Attar, gave assurances they’re in active discussions with the UFC and USADA to follow the right testing protocols for his return.

In the latest season of TUF opposite Michael Chandler, Conor McGregor’s return to the octagon is highly anticipated. However, before stepping back into the spotlight, there are USADA testing protocols to consider.

Conor McGregor’s manager, Audie Attar, has clarified that they’ve been in communication with the UFC and USADA to ensure everything is in line with the proper procedures. Although McGregor has yet to submit a sample in 2023, they’re confident about moving in the right direction.

Attar gave an interview explaining:

“One of the things everybody forgets is that Conor was one of the most tested athletes when he was competing, and we’re going about things the right way.”

“We’re in active discussions with the UFC, we’ve spoken to USADA, and we’re going to do things the right way.”

“That’s all I’m going to say about that. The thing about Conor McGregor is, people will speculate and stories run wild that are nine times out of 10 very inaccurate and false, so that’s all I’ll say about that. But certainly, he’s looking for a comeback in 2024.”

While some lightweights have suggested Michael Chandler to abandon the idea of facing McGregor, Attar stated that McGregor’s focus is set on Chandler as a potential opponent.

“Until then, we’re just going to do our thing, and go about it the right way. He’s preparing at the end of the day, and that’s the most important thing. Chandler makes sense, but so do others. But, Chandler is who he has his sights set on. We did that show knowing that that matchup would be next.”

Regarding the timeline for McGregor’s return, Attar pointed out that it’s likely to be in 2024. While the end of the year isn’t ruled out, the beginning of 2024 seems more probable. The UFC has also shown interest in that timeframe for McGregor’s much-anticipated comeback.

But considering there are legal issues popping up any time he’s out and about, the comeback might not materialize any time soon.