McGregor taunted Aldo every way possible, but once the event was over he offered kind words of encouragement

Conor McGregor is undoubtedly the most famous mixed martial artist in the world. Many credited him for popularizing MMA and bringing it into mainstream. The Irishman, back in the days, was an absolute beast.

Back in 2015, McGregor faced Jose Aldo, who held the featherweight belt for a very long time. The build-up for their showdown was intense, with McGregor crossing the line several times when trash-talking Aldo.

Not to mention McGregor had his very own fence jumping moment to goad Aldo during his title run. He was also criticized for having made racist comments about Aldo.

“When I’m done,” McGregor added on one occasion, “I’m going to turn his favela into a Reebok sweatshop.”

McGregor also threatened to invade Aldo’s favela on a horse at that time.

The pair refused to touch gloves when it came down to it.

McGregor stunned fans with his 13-second KO and became the featherweight champion. While many remember this iconic moment, the fact that McGregor had some kind words for Aldo afterwards is often lost on people.

Following his iconic victory, McGregor apologized to Aldo. Conor McGregor has made various foes during his professional career. However, Aldo is one of the rare people to get an actual apology from McGregor.

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“Sorry, bro. We’ll go again. We’ll go again.”

McGregor said in the octagon. He also believes that Aldo doesn’t deserve a loss like that. McGregor added,

“Honestly, I feel for Jose. He was a phenomenal champion. We deserve longer.”

Following that match, their bitter rivalry is no more. Nowadays, both have respect for each other. When Aldo won back the title six months later, he revealed McGregor sent him a “gift.”

“(McGregor and I) were staying at the same hotel, side by side. He saw me, and even sent a gift congratulating me for the belt I had just won.”

Aldo said during his appearance on the Trocacao Franca podcast.

McGregor is still a fan of Aldo. As much he can be a fan of anyone.