McGregor may never return, Dana White says, hinting at contentious renegotiations with former champ

Dana White has recently cast doubt on the likelihood of Conor McGregor making a return to the octagon. In a post-UFC 298 press conference, White expressed uncertainty regarding McGregor’s future with the promotion, citing his financial stability and busy schedule as significant factors.

“Well, the first problem was that he broke that shin bone. He was recovering from that,” White told reporters. “That was one of the reasons why. The other problem is he’s f**king rich. Conor McGregor doesn’t need money. If you had sh*tloads of money, would you be sitting here right now asking me this f**king question? No you would not. That answers your question.”

“I don’t know [if McGregor will ever return to the UFC],” White added. “Conor McGregor’s got a lot of money. Anytime we can get Conor, we’ll be happy. We’ll be thrilled when he comes and fights but money complicates a lot of things.”

“He just filmed a movie. He’s got to do the press for the movie and he’s got obligations with that. He does want to fight this year, but we’ll see what happens. That’s the only issue… there’s no other issue. That’s it.”

White reiterated that McGregor currently has little incentive to return to UFC competition. McGregor’s substantial wealth, coupled with his various commitments outside of the octagon, pose challenges for UFC in persuading him to make a comeback.

Of course, this is in stark contrast to the statement McGregor had made in Saudi Arabia a little while back, pleading that he’s kept from his living.

He has two bouts left on his comtract, and UFC famously rarely lets top tier talent finish the contract and become free agents, instead they negotiate new lengthy deals beforehand.

While White’s line might ring true to some, it defies the logic with many wealthy professional athletes who keep on competing as long as they can.


While White acknowledged McGregor’s desire to fight again this year, he conceded that McGregor’s schedule, which includes movie obligations and promotional duties, complicates matters. Despite UFC’s eagerness to welcome McGregor back, White admitted that financial considerations loom large in any potential deal.

In praising McGregor’s business acumen, White underscored the fighter’s invaluable contributions to UFC as a business partner. Despite occasional challenges with punctuality, McGregor has consistently demonstrated professionalism and integrity in his business dealings with UFC.

However, White hinted at the limitations of UFC’s bargaining power in negotiations with McGregor, given his financial independence and diverse interests beyond MMA. Although McGregor’s return was anticipated for the TUF 31 season finale against Michael Chandler, White’s recent statements suggest that McGregor’s UFC comeback remains uncertain.

With McGregor’s future in the UFC shrouded in ambiguity, fans and pundits alike await further developments. White’s remarks underscore the complexities of managing a superstar athlete whose financial stability and external commitments influence his career decisions.