Max Holloway goes off on Ilia Topuria: He tweets like an angry girlfriend

In a fiery rant, former UFC Featherweight Champion Max Holloway has taken aim at rising star Ilia Topuria, criticizing his behavior on social media and questioning his willingness to face top-ranked opponents.

The conflict began when Topuria, who is the newly crowned champion, seemingly declined to grant Holloway a title shot. Holloway, who is known for his aggressive style, took to Joe Rogan Experience podcast to express his frustration.

However, Topuria responded with a lengthy message, which Holloway describes as “a freaking paragraph, bro.” The Hawaiian fighter claims he didn’t even read the entire response, likening Topuria’s writing style to “an angry girlfriend text.”

“I didn’t read it, and I was just tripping out,” Holloway said in a recent interview. “I was like, ‘What the hell is going on with you?’ I read the first two sentences, and then I saw the scrolls… I was like, ‘Did I make my wife mad?’ I had to make sure that wasn’t her.”

Joe Rogan reveals Ilia Topuria turned down Alexander Volkanovski rematch at UFC 305

Joe Rogan has disclosed that rising star Ilia Topuria has declined a rematch against former featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski at UFC 305.

During a recent podcast, Rogan revealed that Topuria had turned down the opportunity to face Volkanovski at UFC 305, citing that the Spanish fighter feels he can “call the shots” due to his current champion-like status. Rogan stated, “Yeah, I don’t know who he wants to fight next, but I mean if I guess he feels like he’s a champ he can call the shots, but I know that he turned down the Perth one, the 305, the Volkanovski rematch.”

Volkanovski was expected to face Topuria in a highly anticipated rematch. However, it appears that Topuria has other plans.