Masvidal gets put on the spot, questioned about ‘sugar daddy’ rumors

Jorge Masvidal is a former UFC welterweight and a renowned title challenger. With an extensive and illustrious UFC career, he’s not only amassed significant earnings through his bouts in the octagon but has also secured substantial financial gains from lucrative brand partnerships.

A recent appearance on a podcast hosted by the comedian Kim Congdon provided an intriguing glimpse into Masvidal’s spending habits. When Congdon humorously inquired about his spending patterns, he was taken aback.

The chemistry between Masvidal and Congdon during their podcast conversation was palpable, creating an engaging and entertaining discourse. In a light-hearted and humorous exchange, Congdon posed a rather daring question to Masvidal – “Do you spend money on women?”

The question was met with Masvidal’s hearty laughter as he cleverly deflected by requesting a definition of “women.” Congdon was quick-witted in his response as he defined it as “people with P****es.”

This led to yet another round of laughter, showcasing the playful rapport between the two. The conversation continued with Congdon playfully jesting about Masvidal’s status as a “sugar daddy.” This ended up generating laughs and keeping the atmosphere lively.

While Masvidal’s public image often portrays his flamboyant lifestyle, his personal relationships have largely remained under wraps. Linked to numerous models over the course of his life, Masvidal has managed to keep his romantic entanglements away from the public eye.

He does keep his family discreet and has a daughter and two kids with a Miami local. He is very devoted to his family and competed against Colby Covington after the latter made fun of his daughter.

Jorge Masvidal’s journey in MMA recently reached a turning point as he announced his retirement following a loss to Gilbert Burns at UFC 287. Masvidal’s combat sports style has consistently reflected his aggressive and fearless demeanor.

Masavidal is also known for his rough language. He also runs a thriving apparel company and owns a tequila brand.