Martyn Ford reacts to “delusional” footage of Iranian Hulk’s boxing debut

Sajad Gharibi, a.k.a ‘The Iranian Hulk’ was handed a humiliating boxing defeat when he got knocked out in the first round by ‘The Kazakh Titan’ last weekend in Dubai.

Reacting to this, former opponent-to-be, Martyn Ford feels justified in his decision to pull out from the April bout that fell through.

The main reason for his withdrawal was a concern for Gharibi’s mental health as the Hulk was crying on Iranian national tv just weeks ahead of the scheduled bout.

After the cancelation, Gharibi found another promotion willing to promote his boxing debut.

An initially unlikely opponent was tapped as a replacement in Djumanov Almat Bakhytovich, (barely) known as ‘The Kazakh Titan’.

However, even after months of ‘preparations’, Gharibi put on such an embarrassing performance that many on lookers urged him to seek another career.

He was throwing shots blindly and turned his back on his opponent several times. He also got an odd ‘time-out’ in the middle of the first round only to be dropped and refused to back up seconds later.

Reacting to the bout, Ford revealed that he feels vindicated for his decision to back out of the clash.

“I can hold my head high, and with pride,” he wrote.

“You only need to watch the (video), to understand EXACTLY why I pulled out. I just hope those who encouraged and pushed this are there to support him after. To me, I would rather walk away and risk being called a coward over potentially what could have happened to this kid in the ring if we had.”

He also claims that giving a “delusional” person like Gharibi a bout is just a way of bullying him.

“There is NO way he should ever have been passed fit, and everyone surrounding this needs to question themselves, and take responsibility for the backlash of what will now follow. This is not entertainment, it is bullying and taking advantage of a clearly delusional human being.”