Manny Pacquiao vs. DK Yoo full fight video highlights

Manny Pacquiao defeated Korean Youtuber DK Yoo in a recent exhibition bout. The former world champion won via unanimous decision and knocked down the Youtuber several times.

Manny Pacquiao officially retired from professional boxing in September of last year. The 43-year-old hung up his gloves with an incredible score of 62 wins and 8 losses, with his great achievement of being the eight-division world champion.

Aside from his old age, Pacquiao also retired to pursue his dream to become the president of the Philippines. Pacquiao is a well-known name in the Philippine government as he has been running for senator since 2016. Unfortunately, he was placed third in the 2022’s election and lost.

Recently, Pacquiao grabbed his boxing gloves again to compete in an exhibition boxing match. This was his 4th exhibition match and his third after running for president in March. He faced Korean influencer DK Yoo.

The pair exchanged blows on December 11 in Goyang, South Korea and were booked for a total of 6 rounds. Despite his age, Paciuao showed that he can still handle a much younger opponent.

The action went pretty fierce, but Pacquaio dominated Yoo in every round. Entering the 4th round, Yoo already gassed out and started to lose balance. He fell to his knees but was ruled a slip. In the final round, Pacquiao unleashed a powerful left and knocked Yoo down.

In the same round, Pacquiao landed another hard shot that knocked down Yoo, but it was ruled a slip again. Since the first round, many viewers have noticed that the referee is favoring the social media star.

Pacquiao got more and more dominant towards the later rounds while Yoo can only defend himself. Yoo survived until the bell rang and Pacquaio was announced as the winner.