Man slammed over “disrespectful” rant at fitness influencer for filming her workout

As we embrace the dawn of a new year, gyms are buzzing with enthusiastic individuals eager to turn their New Year’s resolutions into fitness achievements.

21-year-old TikTok sensation ‘Emmy’s Baked Beans’ shares her engaging workout content with her followers, captivating tens of thousands of viewers with each post.

However, a recent January workout video has taken an unexpected detour. It has become the epicenter of a heated online debate.

The viral clip captures Emma engrossed in her routine, using the lateral pulldown machine. An adjacent individual voices his displeasure, loudly criticizing her for recording her workout.

The man says: “Try spending more time working out. It’ll help a lot more. Sitting there f*cking video taping yourself the whole time. It’s stupid why you’re doing it.”

Emma’s TikTok video swiftly amasseds over 4 million views, with an outpouring of support from viewers condemning the unsolicited criticism.

“He’s miserable with his own life,” commented one viewer.

“You’re better than me, ’cause I don’t have the patience. This is wild,” admits another.

Highlighting a significant concern, one commenter points out, “The bystanders who witness this and say nothing are also part of a larger problem.”

The video even caught the attention of fitness star and bodybuilder Joey Swoll. He called the man out in a video for his “disrespectful” tirade directed at the TikToker.

Swoll stated: “Listen, I understand why so many people, both men and women, are so upset about filming in gyms. But that is never a reason to speak to someone this way, and be this disrespectful”

Some commenters suggest that the frustration may stem from instances where female fitness influencers accused unsuspecting individuals of unwarranted attention at the gym.

In general, it’s evident that the majority align with the TikToker and condemn the unsolicited criticism. But a segment empathizes with the frustrated man, potentially exhausted by influencers turning mundane gym sessions into viral sensations for all the wrong reasons.